Lights, camera … Aniston action!

Go ahead and call Jennifer Aniston whatever you like: America’s sweetheart; your favorite Friend; a great actress. Just don’t call her too early in the morning, she needs her beauty rest! Rising from the ranks of the relative unknown – how many of us really remember her from Leprechaun? – Aniston turned the somewhat spoiled, albeit well-intentioned, Rachel Greene into one of the most popular characters in television history. Then, she went ahead and married Brad Pitt. Can’t she do anything right? As Friends ends its successful run, movie offers are beginning to pour in for this gorgeous star. Millions of fans will continue to follow her career – and her marriage – long after her sitcom days are finished. What is next for Aniston? Only she knows for sure. But you can call yourself lucky for having found the number-one Jennifer Aniston fan site on the Internet. Check out her bio, ogle over her pictures and enjoy her movies today.